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Title FX is a Shader designed to enhance the transition effects of your titles and logos, making them more captivating. This shader relies on a black and white texture of your logo/title (and, if available, an outline version for adding cool outline effects). Additionally, two noise textures are used to create interesting distortions during the transitions.


  1. Ensure you have a black and white texture of your logo/title. If available, include an outline version as well.

  2. Use one of the Templates (Material examples) included or Apply a new material created using the Shader to your title/logo object.

  3. Assign the black and white texture to the Material's designated slot.

  4. For optional outline effects, provide the outline texture in the corresponding slot.

  5. Adjust the parameters of the shader to achieve the desired transition effects.

Screenshot 2023-07-08 214735_edited.png

Demo Scene and Transition Control:

The provided Demo Scene includes an example showcasing the usage of Title FX. It also features a script component that controls the transition. You can utilize or take inspiration from this script to implement appearing and disappearing effects for your logo/title.

Please refer to the provided example and experiment with the shader parameters to create captivating title/logo transitions.

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